Thursday, December 13, 2012

Monster High Craft Ideas for Christmas

If you want to fill your ghoul's Christmas with Monster High cheer, then one of the biggest things you can do is Monster High based crafts!

One of the things done most often during Christmas is baking cookies. However did you know you can bake Monster High themed cookies? All it takes is getting cookie cutters to do the special shapes for the cookies. One of the best ways to do this is to get Halloween cookie cutters, many will fit different things dealing with Monster High. There are several different sets out there but one I would recommend getting is the Wilton Halloween Metal Cookie 18-Piece Cutter Set . In this set there are several different shapes that can be used for Monster High cookies, and would be fun for your Ghoul to decorate. These cookies can be made with any recipes you want of course, and if you want to decorate them whatever you choose for it would work as well. There are several other sets of Halloween Cookie cutters out there such as these and these.

Another craft you can do with your kids is make ornaments for the Christmas tree with them. There are several different ways you can do it, for one you can get clear ornaments and Monster High stickers to put on them. If they are ornaments that are clear, you can also take the top off to fill them with glitter to match the Monster High look. The ornaments above I got from Hobby Lobby, though there are several sets on Amazon such as these.  Also far as the stickers go there is a large variety of what you can get, the ones pictured above are actually from an item I will be writing about in my next blog. However other sets you can get include these and these. Another thing you can use with these clear ornaments is decorative tape, such as this Monster High Tapeffiti 5 pack , I personally have never used Tapeffiti before but from what I am seeing it is like scotch tape just with pretty designs on it.

A second ornament idea would require using the photo cards your child gets with the dolls, or even finding the images online to print out will work. You can make a simple frame ornament with craft sticks , the picture, craft glue , and a picture frame hanger . One way you can do it is just make a frame with the sticks, glue them together and then glue the card to the back with the hanger. Depending on the size of your picture you may want to cut the craft sticks in half so they will fit the picture better.Another way you can do it is to double the frame so there is space at the top to just slide the picture in without having to glue it in place. There is a variety of ways you can do this ornament,and you can decorate the frame in any way you and your ghoul want.

Finally a craft you can do to make your Ghoul's Christmas Monster High filled, is one that you have to do yourself unless of course your Ghoul is an adult. You can do a Monster High stocking for them, with one of your regular stockings and a Monster High iron on transfer. There are a few different ones available on Etsy, however there is a website specializing in iron on transfers with many different Monster High ones here.

I hope these craft ideas will help you fill your Ghoul's holiday with Monster High Cheer~! I have done two other blogs to give ideas, one being about stocking stuffers and the other about wrapping paper.

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